I am so grateful to my college friend Melissa Lawrence for allowing me to guest post at her terrific parenting site, CloudMom.  Melissa is a mother of five who shares all that she has learned in her years as a parent:  from swaddling to breastfeeding to learning not to take it all so darn seriously.

And today, a little bit from me.  Lean In or Opt Out?  We chose Run Away.  It’s a short introduction to our year in Southern France, chronicled in Home Away:  A Year of Misapprehensions, Transformations, and Rosé at Lunch Enjoy the post, and spend some time with CloudMom.

Thanks, Melissa!

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Today I had the privilege of posting at rewireme.com.  “Combating Stereotypes in the Classroom”  addresses the challenge teachers face in addressing what Claude Steele’s brilliant book, Whistling Vivaldi calls “stereotype threat.”

Head on over to rewire me — and please let me know what you think in a comment:  either here or there!