New Work

August 27, 2014

A new review of Benedict Carey’s bookHow We Learn.  Carey helps us understand the role of daydreaming, wool-gathering, intellectual meandering and meaningful rest play in learning.

This recent piece in The New York Times Motherlode Blog discusses the difference between my response and my daughter’s response to an incident of street harassment.  I learned a lot from reading the comments. 

Happy back-to-school to my friends who are teachers and parents.


How I love to write for

Here are three of the latest: How (Not) To Talk to Kids about High-Stakes Tests

7 Ways to Help Kids Unplug from Technology 

and, from the fall,

Mindfulness for Teachers, a review of Andrew Solomon’s Far from the Tree,

and my best-read, best-titled article ever, My Amygdala Ate my Homework. 


This summer, I’m writing a novel about Gentrification, amateur music, and other sorts of growth in and around The Gowanus Canal.  Now that school is out, I’m hoping to post more frequently.