“Why haven’t you been posting on your blog, Launa?” It’s a question I’ve been meaning to answer.  But it’s taken me awhile to set it all straight in my own mind before explaining it here to you. You know how sometimes when you haven’t spoken for awhile, you need to make some icky throat […]


California Christmas

December 23, 2011

When I was young, each Christmas was exactly the same, and we needed it to be that way.  We decorated our tiny country church on the first Saturday in December, then sat in the front pews together and sang all the same hymns. Advent wreaths hung from invisible wire on each side of the pulpit.  […]


  Sixteen years ago, I carried Grandma’s peonies in my wedding to DH.  Our choice to marry one another was the best decision we ever made. I had always taken for granted our right to choose one another, and to marry in the time and place we also chose. Just last night, Representatives of the […]

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Tomorrow we drive to another University town in New Hampshire to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of DH’s much-beloved Aunt and Uncle.  Their three children and six grandchildren have conspired to throw a party that promises to be tender, elegant, and raucous at different moments of the evening.  Much like the two parties in the marriage […]


The Family of Yes

June 19, 2011

Meet The Family of Yes. No, not the late 80’s super group. It’s us.  If you know us, you might be surprised to hear me call us anything but conflicted.  But this was my goal for us for a week as a family at Music Camp. That we say Yes.  At least that we would […]