About Launa

I read.  I write.  I teach.

I am the mother of Grace (16) and Abigail (14).  I love my dear husband.

I live in Brooklyn.  I have a black dog named Samson. I once taught high school, then ran an elementary school, then quit to spend a year living in rural France with my family.

Now I teach middle school humanities and write music.  I recently published a book about our year in France.  Its first draft was in blog form at Wherever Launa Goes.  You can get a copy for yourself by clicking on the shell on my homepage for a link to the Amazon page for Home Away:  A Year of Misapprehensions, Transformations, and Rosé with Lunch.

I also write now and then for online publications.  Click to the writing tab to find links.

That’s probably all you need to know.  Now go read the blog.  I write about education, parenting, and  the feeling of time passing now that I’m in my forties.  You’ll find a little about marriage, a little about France, and a lot about the moments when I am successfully able to get out of my own head and simply notice the beauty of life in front of me.

Read around a little, send links to your friends if you find something that moves you or makes you laugh, and tell me what you make of it.

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