Orange, Blue, Green: Again

July 17, 2013

We drove past fields of Taro this morning on our way to a hike.  The road was orange with earth.  The sky was blue.  The plants were lush and green.  Water flowed down the Hanalei river and alongside the road, irrigating the plants, sunk in knee-high water.  It was beautiful.  All of our favorite places are these three colors:  orange, blue, and green.

It was hot, and very quickly Abigail started to fade.  She is growing like a weed: one that wilts and droops in too much sun, without enough water.  We walked higher and higher to look over the bay, but after awhile, she had had enough and it was time for us to go back to town, grab a smoothie, and sit on the beach reading.

DH and Grace, of course, kept climbing.  Higher and higher, happier by the minute.

And all along the path, strawberry guava fruit had fallen, and was being trampled underfoot.  It was turning into jam, into strawberry guava vinegar, with a pungent sweet scent filling the air.  It reminded me of the figs underfoot in France, way back when.

Although we have never been here before, the past keeps coming back when I least expect it.  While driving along one of the beaches, I smelled some burning firewood that brought me back to my grandparents’ house, the backroom with its stone floors and woodsmoke. It was precisely the same smell — Bill recognized it right away, too.  We saw a peacock in one of the gardens here, and it brought us back to an afternoon when we saw them strutting around in some other walled city by a sea.  We couldn’t remember which city, or exactly where, but we remembered the peacock and all those blue eyes.

And then there are the sunrises and sunsets.  Like every other one I’ve ever seen along the shores of big oceans, yet each one the only one of its kind.  

And all I can think, over and over:  how lucky we are.  Both to have one another and this time together, and that we keep finding all these oranges, all these blues, all this green.



Richard Kennedy July 18, 2013 at 3:34 pm

An incredibly attractive family in a landscape that defies proper description. It appears the temperatures must be almost perfect. Here in the Midwest we have a toasty 98° this afternoon. Do enjoy.

Richard and Jane Kennedy

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