The Sound of Time Passing

August 3, 2011

Zealand Falls Hut, White Mountains, August 2009


It sounds like giggles in the night.  And whining on the trail when we’re all hiking.  It sounds like thunder in the distance making us run for shelter.  (OK, maybe that was just me running.)


Zealand, July 2010

It sounds like Scrabble tiles clicking, and the Hut Croo playing the violin in the morning to wake us before breakfast.  It sounds like water rushing over rocks, and the thud of boots on wood.


Mizpah Springs Hut, August 2011

It’s the silence of a rainbow over the mountain, and of a moose feeding in the woods.  The sound of Abigail’s thrill when a tiny bird eats from the palm of her hand, and a butterfly lands on her knee.  It’s the sound of a long hike finished with no whining (except from the grownups).

The sound of time passing is that of my heart swelling with joy and love.

What does time passing sound like where you are?


Lindsey August 3, 2011 at 1:31 pm

I can’t possibly add words to this glorious evocation of time passing, traditions continuing, and the gorgeous White Mountains. Love, love, love. xox

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