August 2011

Today I became a Montessori teacher.  Or, more accurately, I accepted a part-time job teaching middle school humanities ‑ history, writing, reading, and Shakespeare at a Montessori school.  I don’t have the requisite training and experience to call myself a Montessori teacher, but today I began the “work,” as Montessori teachers would say, of moving […]


This summer, I did not finish editing my book.  I did not make any money, or contribute to the economy in any way other than as a consumer and a traveler — buying food and sending my kids to summer camp.  I did not do very much yoga.  My garden still looks bleak and weedy. […]

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Family Portraits

August 18, 2011


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The Tiny Things

August 16, 2011

The beetles were getting romantic. The girls made a bouquet.   One of the thousands in the field. We saved these for you.


On Belonging

August 14, 2011

“…if you arrive in a new country as an adult, it is probably impossible to ever feel truly at home there.  You can always make a virtue out of this:  You may imagine you perceive things more clearly than the complacent, accepting natives; you may have deep affection for the place and grow accustomed to […]


A Hundred Generations Ago

August 12, 2011

Yesterday we drove to Nimes, (home of denim — as in “de Nimes,” – of Nimes.  Betcha didn’t know that!) We walked around the beautifully preserved Roman Temple, La Maison Carrée, which means “The Oblong House.”  The thing is spectacular. We learned all about Corinthian Columns (the crenelated, fancy ones, unlike basic Doric and Swirly […]


One of the very first lessons I learned during our year in France (right after this one: no smiling at strangers) was to enjoy each moment as it unfolded. I learned it most strongly by putting off until another day my desire to take a photo of a field of sunflowers.  We drove past it […]


August 10, 2011

Today I have the opportunity to post one of my rants on the New York Times Blog Motherlode.  This one is about summer homework, and now that it’s out in the world, I’m not sure whether I’ll be in more trouble with my kids’ teachers or with my former teaching colleagues. Many thanks to Lisa […]

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The very very best reason I can think of to learn to speak French is that it’s seriously, exceptionally, wonderfully gorgeous, and you really should get here someday, even if it’s just for a few weeks.  But save up your pennies because Euros cost 140 each.  And learn some French,  because being in France with […]

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Then and Now

August 7, 2011

Tonight I made ratatouille for dinner.  I cut two big eggplants from the garden, then chopped and salted them to get them to release their bitterness.  I gathered basil, thyme, a bowlful of tomatoes, and a gargantuan zucchini with a skin as tough as a winter squash.  I chopped onions and peppers, and cooked each […]


We spent the weekend deep in the woods of New Hampshire, hiking with great friends we have known forever.   We sat at benches to eat family style, slept in bunks, and hiked the rocky trails all day long. I may be just the tiniest bit sore in the calves as I write this post. On […]


I am incredibly grateful to Sarah at Momalom for the hard work and design intelligence that went into the design of I first met Sarah and her sister Jen — virtually, that is — through their Five For Ten writing challenge last spring.  With their inspiration, and the inspiration of the other writers writing […]


The Sound of Time Passing

August 3, 2011

  It sounds like giggles in the night.  And whining on the trail when we’re all hiking.  It sounds like thunder in the distance making us run for shelter.  (OK, maybe that was just me running.)   It sounds like Scrabble tiles clicking, and the Hut Croo playing the violin in the morning to wake […]

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