July 2011

Proud Mama

July 27, 2011

When you complain about your perfectly lovely children as much as I do, it seems only fair to note the moments when they so drastically outstrip your expectations. That’s sort of a roundabout way of saying that I need to tell you that Grace has been just astonishing me lately.  I need to write it […]

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My neighborhood fills itself constantly with new babies.  Brand new mothers are everywhere, tiny bundles strapped to their chests, baby bumps still bulgy.   I saw one mother today with two children.  She wore one baby close in a sling.  Her older daughter, who couldn’t have been more than two, wore a matching sling with a […]

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July 13, 2011

I keep finding myself in heaven this summer. Each time I arrive, the furniture and the people are slightly different, but so far, every heaven I have landed in this summer has several things in common. To get to heaven, I usually take a boat across some water, although sometimes I can get there in […]

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