June 2011

Ann Voskamp’s luminous book, One Thousand Gifts has been sitting on my bedside table for weeks.  I pick it up now and then to read a bit, but it’s tough going.  First of all, she’s intensely religious, so I have to do some translating from her worldview to mine, dealing with lots of references to […]


Being Wrong

June 28, 2011

Recently, I posted one of my typical rants. In it, I may have argued that hordes of baby grownups had invaded my city with an eye to pushing me into middle age and irrelevance.  It was of course tongue-in-cheek.  At least kinda sorta. And then, my life taught me a lesson, as it tends to […]


  Sixteen years ago, I carried Grandma’s peonies in my wedding to DH.  Our choice to marry one another was the best decision we ever made. I had always taken for granted our right to choose one another, and to marry in the time and place we also chose. Just last night, Representatives of the […]

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Tomorrow we drive to another University town in New Hampshire to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of DH’s much-beloved Aunt and Uncle.  Their three children and six grandchildren have conspired to throw a party that promises to be tender, elegant, and raucous at different moments of the evening.  Much like the two parties in the marriage […]


Kind to les étrangers

June 22, 2011

Not long ago, I took the girls shopping at Macy’s because, as preadolescent girls, they both “needed” new clothes.  We undertook this trip in alignment with my new parenting philosophy — to say Yes more than No.  And by and large, the trip was successful.  Because I keep more Yeses in my pocket, they seem […]

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Music Lessons

June 21, 2011

OK, OK — last Band Camp post.  I promise. In this one, I try to explain, mostly for my own edification, what I learned by singing and writing and playing.  I hope here to name what might be traveling home with me, aside from a whole lot of smelly laundry and a dozen nasty mosquito […]


  I don’t like Mondays any more than do the Boomtown Rats, but the first day of Music Camp was stellar. The loons on the lake woke me at first light.  Instead of fighting my way back to sleep, I rose and walked to the glass house on the wide dock. As far as I […]


The Family of Yes

June 19, 2011

Meet The Family of Yes. No, not the late 80’s super group. It’s us.  If you know us, you might be surprised to hear me call us anything but conflicted.  But this was my goal for us for a week as a family at Music Camp. That we say Yes.  At least that we would […]



June 11, 2011

Early tomorrow morning, we head for Miles of Music camp (rather than Laundry Camp, thank god) for a full week of strings-driven folk music.  We will sleep in a cabin with screens for walls, and with no electricity.  We will eat at communal tables rather than walking fast with a hotdog and a Starbuck’s venti […]


The Rules

June 8, 2011

I briefly toyed with naming this new blog of mine “Because I Said So,” as a way to grab back a little of the maternal authority that my generation has thrown out the window.  But honestly, now that my girls are moving out of girlhood towards adolescence, my word is no longer an adequate law.  […]


This weekend, DH and I went out to Rucola,   a super-swank new Italian bistro in Boerum Hill.  We were there for dinner with a couple of our oldest and dearest friends. I mean “oldest” as in I’ve known Stephanie since we were nine.  Not as in she’s old, or we’re old.  No damn way.  And […]


Laundry Camp

June 2, 2011

Sometimes in our house, it’s the mom who acts like a spoiled brat.  Yes, I mean me. Like yesterday, when I was trying and wheedling and thinking of any possible way that I could get my kids to go to this supercool new family music camp I heard about. I tried the hooks that sometimes […]


(please note: the following post was fully vetted by the dreamer, who was gracious enough to allow me to share it with you.)   “Mummah?” I answered vaguely, if at all. My body was there in the kitchen with her, but my head was getting her on the bus. I was setting out the cereal, […]